Playing Catch Up

As most of you can probably tell, I’ve been playing catch up and back dating this blog for quite some time. In the essence of moving out of the past and into the present, here are a few photos & photo albums of my travels through New Mexico.


To Albuquerque

So last night I drove from Albuquerque to Cochiti Lake, NM. What I didn’t realize was that my GPS recognized Cochiti Lake as an actual town, not the lake itself. So I arrive, realize it’s not where I want to be and ask a security guard where the lake is. His directions seemed simple enough but next thing you know, every street is Cochiti this and Cochiti that and there I go down a dirt road by the name of Cochiti Puebla. One thing about New Mexico is that you’re pretty much on reservation land more often than not. So there I am, bumping along with dirt swirling up behind me with no where to turn around. I passed actual adobe pueblos and one had painted on the side of it “No photos or sketching as outlawed by the governor”! I had already guessed that I was on the wrong path but after reading that and seeing dogs laying in the road everywhere, I realized that I was on an Indian reservation at 1am! Luckily the road eventually curved around and I headed back the way I came.

Once again I found the security guard and he escorted me to the actual body of water. Since it was late and I didn’t want to disturb the other guests, I decided to park in the restroom parking lot and pick a good site in the morning. Around 6am, my propane gas detector alarm wakes me up and my refer light is blinking at me which indicates that my propane tank must be empty. My plan is to leave Wanda parked at Cochiti Lake and head up to Los Alamos to see my family for a few days. Not a good time to be uncertain about a propane leak! So I turned the propane off knowing that my refer will start to warm up and opened all Wanda’s windows and door. One nice thing was the sunrise that I caught.


Cochiti Lake

Long story short, I spoke with a propane expert and he thought it was probably just that my tank was almost empty and for some reason they often emit the propane smell as a warning of sorts. It sounded a bit odd to me so to be on the safe side I decided to pack up the food in my refer and take it with me so that I can leave the propane off while I’m gone. Then off to Los Alamos I went!

I swear my drive to across the U.S. just gets more beautiful as I go!


To Los Alamos


3 responses to “Playing Catch Up

  1. Janette Hourani

    Beautiful photos and well-written!

  2. Love it Love it Love it!!

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