Truth or Consequences, NM a.k.a. The Best Parking Spot OR Most Expensive Milkshake

Last night, I rolled into Las Cruces to find a Starbucks so that I could figure out where I’d like to stay for the night. Then I realized that it was Saturday night and I hadn’t been out at a bar in quite sometime. And part of this trip is to meet people, dammit! I realized that if I left immediately, I could be in Albuquerque by 11:00p. So I checked out some online reviews and was on my way.

While driving along I realized that my GPS was an hour later that I thought it was. Then I checked my phone and my vehicle clock. They were all different! I knew that my GPS detected New Mexico when I crossed the border automatically so I thought that maybe it changed time on its own too. As I started to loose faith in thinking that I knew what time it actually was., I also started to get tired. And the thought of getting all the way to Albuquerque and the bar being closed really wore me out.

The next Walmart that allowed overnight parking was in Truth or Consequences, NM and what can I say, I’m a sucker for a town with a fun name so I decided to stop for the night. The only Wi-Fi was at a nearby hotel so I park between it and a McDonalds to see if I can grab a signal. A McDonalds screen popped up but wouldn’t give me access so I decided to go in and find out if I needed a password or what the deal was. Unfortunately, they didn’t even know they had Wi-Fi there so I decided to order a chocolate milkshake and be on my way. Then the cashier informed me that my small chocolate milkshake would be $3.21! I quickly reminded her that I had ordered a small and but she just nodded. I hadn’t had a chocolate milkshake at McDonald’s in many years but that seemed a bit more than necessary so I asked her why that seemed high to me. She launched into this obviously repeated daily dialogue about how they don’t have any competition therefore their prices are high because they can charge whatever they’d like! Well that wasn’t an appropriate answer so no milkshake for me thank you! Even though I opted out of enjoying a chocolate milkshake, I felt good knowing that in a very small way, McDonalds was shown the consequence of its corporate greed.

Once parked and settled, I opened my computer to write a bit. Low and behold I had Wi-Fi! Sooo not a bad spot to pick for the night, thank you! A bit of writing and I was off to bed. At around 7am this morning I was awakened suddenly by plummeting rain and the LOUDEST thunder my wussy Cali girl ears have ever experienced! Super Cool! The rain stopped about 5 minutes later, the sun came out and holy bajeez but I have 360 degree views all the way around. Views and free Wi-Fi, what more could I ask for! Seriously people, it’s the simple things in life that can be most magnificent. So heck, with all this abundance, I’m going to stay for at least the day and get caught up.


More Early Morning Views


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