I *Heart* Palo Verdes, Hitchhikers and Clouds


I selected the above tree to start this post with as it’s the Arizona state tree, the Palo Verde which is Spanish for “green pole” or “green stick”. I saw a few of these where I used to live in North Park and just love that the entire tree is green, including the bark. I also wanted to delay a bit as I know my mom is reading this and freaking out – “what does she mean she hearts hitchhikers?!!!” Keep reading Mommasita.

I left Phoenix yesterday and spent the night in Tucson. Though a few nice men helped me out with Wanda when she decided to drag one of her jacks, I just wasn’t feeling Tucson. So I found a nice, new safe looking subdivision to grab some shut eye in, and then was on my way early the next morning. I’m sure Tucson has some good things to offer, but I was super excited to be on my way to New Mexico.

The sign says “Prison Facilities in This Area, Please Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers”. Not that I needed the reminder, but now not only will I not pick up hitchhikers, I will also lock all my doors, and drive just a bit faster. I didn’t get a picture of the sign, but this one made me miss North Park and all my wonderful friends there. It was almost like a last chance sign, and made me a wee bit sad. Miss you guys!


More Arizona Photos

I start to get excited as I leave Arizona. This is actually the furthest I’ve ever driven from California, and have also never been to New Mexico. Though it’s still desert, the landscape certainly does change for the better. Or maybe it’s just my new found obsession with clouds. I’ve always had a minor fascination with them but for some reason on this trip, I just can’t stop photographing them.


And another…


And since I know you can’t get enough of her, heeeeere’s Wanda!


More Photos


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