Cutting it Off in Rock City, AZ


No sillies, I didn’t cut all my hair off. I have been wearing the same ring on my left middle finger for at least 15 years. I have no idea when I actually stopped taking it off, but then one day it just wouldn’t come off at all. My mom gave me the ring, it didn’t hurt or make my finger swell so I was perfectly comfortable having it stuck there.

I used to say that whenever someone put something on my ring finger, then I’d have it cut off. Well folks, I decided not to wait for that and just make room for whatever is to come. So there I was in The House of Gold & Silver in Rock City, AZ and I asked the jeweler if he could cut it off. Not only did he say he’d do it for free but he gave me the option of having it re-sized for my pinkie finger for only $8! I’m sure I’d put off the “cut off” for awhile because it was a gift from the momma and I didn’t want to just dispose of it, so this really was the perfect option.


My finger will probably be indented for awhile but he promised it would look normal again, eventually. I’m not too worried about it. I just look down at my cute new pinkie ring and it makes me happy!



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