All About Arizona

I’ve been in Arizona for a few days now. Wanda is hanging out in front of my friend’s dad Larry’s house. Part of the plan of this trip is to hit up thrift stores to pick up small vintage items to resell. Come to find out, Larry actually enjoys shopping so he and I hit up a bunch of them in Phoenix yesterday. One thing that amazed me is how many thrift and vintage stores they have in Phoenix versus San Diego, and how nice some of them are. Savers and Goodwill look similar to Ross, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, I swear! They’re so organized I think the good stuff is probably minimal and maybe never even makes it to the floor. After several shops over the course of a few hours, we decide to head back to the air conditioned house. Actually I’ve been very fortunate in that it’s only been in the high 80’s – low 90’s which is certainly tolerable next to the usual 100 plus temps.


Today I’m off to Prescott, AZ to go “Where History Lives On!” It really is a beautiful little town with plenty of historic charm. I wandered around for awhile and decided to grab a bite at The Palace Saloon, a famous restaurant and bar that has been around since 1877.


Here’s a fun photo I noticed in the restroom. Sadly they don’t offer the same level of entertainment today.


Driving back to the freeway, my eyes spy a hot orange truck. Those of you who know me are very aware as to my infatuation with the color orange so of course I had to stop for a photo. Come to find out, the truck is used to drop off hotel guests in downtown Prescott for The Motor Lodge, a boutique hotel that you must consider staying at if you’re ever in Prescott, AZ. Each room has a fun mid-centruy look and several of them even have a gas fireplace and front porch! My favorite part is that the hotel allows you to borrow a bike for free, tandem and a three wheeler included. If Wanda weren’t so darned cute, I’d stay there for sure.


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