Thelma and Louise, the Reenactment


Okay not really, but almost!

There I was driving along to Phoenix, chatting away on the phone to my mom (yes, I was handsfree!) and I pass this trucker on my right. I wasn’t really paying too much attention but did notice that he held something out of the window like a book, or something rectangular. He pulled it back in before I could figure it out what it was.


Then he held his hand out his window with two fingers pointing toward the sky. I mention it to my mom and she thinks he might be telling me that my roof vent is open. I ignored him and refused to look up as I drove by. Since I’ve seen Thelma and Louise only about 65 times, I immediately thought he must have been making some sort of rude gesture. What I had no idea, but I also knew that had just checked my roof vent when I last stopped. Mom said that maybe he was just bored but I was certain it was something dirty.


Next thing I knew he was trying to pass on my left but as we were going down hill, I was using this opportunity to pick up some speed which is what you do when you’re driving something heavy that sucks gas – you use the terrain to your advantage at every downward slope. I told Mom that if he gestured again I just may have to pull a Thelma and Louise, lure him into the desert and shoot up his truck! But when he finally did pass me, no more gestures so I kept my pistol holstered.


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Update: After a few days I had a thought, what if the “book” he held out was actually the Bible, and his fingers pointing to the sky were actually pointing up to God? Gee whiz I need to clean up my mind – not a chance as we all know!


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