Joshua Tree or White Girl, No Shade

As I woke up this morning in Joshua Tree, I was excited to drive to a place and see some actual Joshua Trees. I stopped at the ranger station to pay my fee and found out that I was at the Cottonwood Springs part of Joshua Tree and that I’d have to drive through the park to get to the actual area where the trees grow as they only grow at a specific elevation. I decided to check out Cottonwood Springs before heading north.DSC03019

There was a pretty area obviously meant for hiking so I parked Wanda, grabbed my water bottle and headed down the trail.DSC03014

I hiked up to a ridge and when I looked beyond it all I could see was more desert. No trees, no shade – what can I say, it was awfully hot and I mean, have you seen my skin color? DSC03020

Not only was I worried about the sun and my alabaster skin but I was also worried about my laptop. Last night it suddenly went kaput. When I restarted it, all I saw was a flashing file folder with a ? on it. I may be new to the Mac world but I knew that couldn’t be good. So I decided that since I’ve already been to Joshua Tree, I would head straight to Phoenix. I literally felt like Carrie in Sex and the City when her Mac died and she wrapped it up in a pashmina to take it in to hopefully bring it back to life. Stat! Stat!

Nice mohawk Wanda- I so need to finish peeling that sticker off!

Nice mohawk Wanda, I so need to finish peeling that sticker off!

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