Finally On My Way!

Holy crap, I think I’ve actually left somewhere, moved on, am FINALLY on my way (ayaayeee! – Home Sweet Home, Motley Crue).  Though the Wanderlust Tour “officially launched” at the end of April, I fully believe today, June 7th is truly the launch date.   Why?  Because I have finally left places I know AND my comfort zone!

I’m sure some of you thought that I was dealing with “stuff” and just didn’t feel like blogging, or maybe having too much fun.  Hell, some of you may have even though I was full of crap!  And as of late, I really couldn’t have argued with you because I had started to feel pretty full of it.  No matter what I did, I wasn’t going anywhere.  Talk about all dressed up and nowhere to go!  I had done everything I needed to, sold all my stuff, found a reliable person to take over my place, bought a trailer, made it livable and just wanted to GO.  But NO!  First my trailer (Wanda) had trouble with a short in her interior lights and with her brakes (so not safe), then my Xterra (AKA Silver, the towing vehicle) kept wanting to overheat and wouldn’t let me get up a hill without pulling over several times.  So after all that planning, all that money and above all, ALL THAT TIME spent getting it all together, something kept going wrong and I couldn’t seem to actually LEAVE.

Until now that is – so happy!    I hit Pasadena at about 2pm to enjoy a yummy lunch with my good friend Peter.

Peter, an ostrich and a bike pump - hmmm.

Peter, an ostrich and a bike pump - hmmm.

After moving up to Pasadena to go to art school awhile back, Peter has pretty much been MIA so it was really great to get me some Peter time.  A special Thank You! to Peter for telling me that when I don’t have an exact address to put in my GPS, I can just zoom out, find my spot on the map and hit GO. Who knew?! 

For those of you who like art, there was some awesome photography in Peter’s lobby.

As I’m about to leave Pasadena I realize I’m having a hard time doing so. It’s as though I just don’t know where exactly to go and I’m feeling a bit anxious or something. I’m not supposed to make it to Raphael’s until tomorrow but just noticed on the map that Joshua Tree is actually past where he lives. So I decided to just ring him up and of course he’s happy to have me a day early.

Raphael is someone I met when I had my showroom, Adorn. I was looking for someone to print some marketing materials for me and there he was, right upstairs. We became instant friends and have had a lot of fun together. Though I hadn’t seen him in well over a year, it was like old times.

Cheesy grins at our cheese and vino party!

Cheesy grins at our cheese and vino party!

The next day, Raphael took me on a shopping tour of vintage, thrift and mid-century modern shops. I spoke to several of them about what they would look for to buy and sell if they were traveling around the country. I did get some pretty good insight from these experts and just need to start shopping – I doubt that part will be too hard. I’m in Indio right now and will head to Joshua Tree either today or tomorrow.


2 responses to “Finally On My Way!

  1. Glad to hear you are on your way. We miss ya. Take good care of yourself.Baby Rocco is 3 months and getting so big.

    • wanderlustwoman

      Miss you guys too! Rocco! I heard on the news today about a golf pro named Rocco so I guess it’s not just a porn star name anymore ;o)

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